Wear Gloves Protection Striking Targets Weapons Mats - Tatami Fitness Equipment Ornaments Print - Embroidery
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The Dragon's Den, Martial Arts Supplies Centre, is a separate part of the Martial Arts School.  Able to supply Martial Arts and Combat Sports practitioners with a vast range of competition wear, weapons, equipment and accessories tailored to suit the needs of the different Martial Arts and Combat Sports styles.

It is  our pleasure to supply a vast choice of quality: Uniforms, Fight Gear, Practice Weapons and Accessories; from A - Z of the Martial Arts and Combat Sports Systems. Visit our shop and benefit from the quality, range, prices & expertise in the Martial Arts World.

Welcome to the Dragon’s Den Official Website Malta’s Leading Martial Arts and Combat Sports Suppliers

Being in the Martial Arts field ourselves, we know the importance of high quality items which are reasonably priced and thus we are constantly studying to import only high quality items at great prices.  

Amongst the large variety of Martial Arts weapons, we supply authentic Japanese swords straight from Japan. Such as the perfectly balanced Iaito and Hand Forged Shinken. One must add that this makes us the first and only in Malta.

For the Combat Sports enthusiasts, we import a vast range of Air Guns and Accessories and are Agents for prestigious brands such as Cometa.

We also offer professional personalized embroidery and print service on all types of uniforms and wear.